What Is The Edinburgh Gazette?

A lot of people who consider taking out a Trust Deed are concerned that their neighbours, friends, or family may get to know about it in the Edinburgh Gazette.

Well, the truth of the matter is that there is a slight chance they may see it, but The Edinburgh Gazette is not the same sort of newspaper as The Time, The Guardian or The Daily Mail. The Edinburgh Gazette is a specialised bulletin that is used to publish a whole manner of different legal notices.

Published twice weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays), The Edinburgh Gazette costs £88.20 which compared do your standard newspaper or magazine is quite expensive. It is also mainly circulated amongst creditors, people in judicial services, libraries, researchers, and other voluntary sectors. So unless your neighbours are in these industries it is unlikely they’ll find out.

The Edinburgh Gazette includes a number of different categories in which legal noticed are published. These categories include notices from Parliament, State, Public Finance, Companies & Financial Regulations, Personal Insolvency, Corporate Insolvency, Partnerships, Post & Telecom, Personal Legal, Societies Regulation, Ecclesiastical, Health, Planning, Environment, Water, Energy, Agriculture & Fisheries etc.

On top of that, the above parent categories also have sub-categories underneath them. The Trust Deed notices section is only a small sub-category inside the Personal Insolvency section.

What this all means is that unless an individual has a reason to read the Edinburgh Gazette when it is published it is highly unlikely someone will happen to purchase the newspaper and find your notice.

Another important thing is that though the notices are available online (http://www.edinburgh-gazette.co.uk/) it does not contain information on the amount of debt or the reason behind filing for insolvency. It follows a general format that is targeted towards the creditors (so that they can object to a notice if they wish to do so).

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