How do I make my Scottish Trust Deed “Protected”?

The Trust Deed you enter into will become a Protected Trust Deed once the majority of the creditors that you owe 1/3 of your debts to agree to the Deed. Or if they fail to respond to the entry in the Edinburgh Gazette the deed also becomes protected.

A Trust Deed with a protected status simply means that your creditors will be unable to take any further steps or action against you (the debtor) to repay the full amount or force you into Sequestration (bankruptcy).

Being granted with a Protected Trust Deed is often a huge relief to the debtor, as it essentially means that the creditors have to stop pestering you with letters and phone calls aimed at forcing you to repay the money owed. However, it is worth noting that should the majority of creditors who hold more than one third of the debts, refuse to agree to the protected status, then a Protected Trust Deed cannot be granted. As a result, your creditors will be able to pursue you by all legal means.

Applying for a Scottish Trust Deed is a big step so it’s essential that appropriate advice is taken to ensure that it is the best available option.

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