What am i committing to if I sign a Trust Deed?

When you sign your Trust Deed agreement you are in effect committing yourself to repay the debts you currently, and usually at a reduced rate.

The Trust Deed agreements means that you will agree to:

  • Co-operate fully with the Trustee
  • Pay the agreed monthly payment – on time and without fail.
  • Not apply for any further means of credit
  • Inform the Trustee if you happen to receive any unexpected windfalls in excess of £200.

As part of the Trust Deed arrangement, all interest and charges on your debts will be frozen at the date of signing the Trust Deed.

If you fail to honour the Trust Deed agreement by either defaulting or missing the monthly repayments then the Trust Deed can be terminated. This means that any legal protection had from your creditors will cease and you will once more be faced with handling your debts yourself or finding an alternative professional debt solution.

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